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Use the same growth strategy to drive millions of site visitors and new customers by industry leaders like:

What is Side Product Led Growth?

Side Product Led Growth is a business strategy that relies on building and launching free tools, apps, or micro services as a way to create brand awareness, earn trust, and acquire and activate customers. Also known as side project marketing or building growth tools.

These are products that solve small friction points outside of the core value prop of your business. If you’ve used Hubspot, Buffer or Shopify, you’ve likely witnessed this first-hand.

How can you leverage this new growth channel for your startup? Get super early access to the book about Side Product Led Growth:

Hey I'm Michael
I'm writing the book on Side Product Led Growth

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"We've unlocked tremendous value through Side Project Marketing. The monthly community tool/resource drops have helped us grow our signups base by 5x."


Social marketing channels are crowded. And paid channels are expensive.

It's a noisy world out there. Content is ubiquitous. Online advertising is expensive. CPC is rising. Sales and SEO processes can be slow to take hold. How will you stand out and get high-intent customers faster for your startup?


Side Product Led Growth are "Growth tools that allow startups to escape the marketing rat race." - Dru Riley (

Before this was an advantage for large venture backed companies. Now with visual development (no-code), any startup can execute. Explore this new growth channel no matter what size or stage your startup is.

Drive millions of visitors

How did these businesses drive millions of visitors without creating content?


Created 16 side products that drove millions in visitor site traffic and helped their customers be successful.

Hatchful by Shopify

A free logo maker side product.


Created 3 side products like: Pablo, Remix, and Start Page to drive millions of site visits to

Start Page by Buffer

A free link in bio side product.


Created 10 free tools as a side product to rise above the noise and drive significant lead generation.

Signature Maker by Hubspot

A free link signature maker side product.

You don't have to create another piece of content.
Create side products to grow your startup.

What can you create?

Find inspiration from a weekly growing list of side products created by startups.
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See what people are saying about...

Side Product Led Growth.

This is amazing. So basically small products related to the main one that you launch on product hunt.

Dagobert Renouf

Founder, Logology

Companies must work harder and pay more to succeed in free and paid channels, respectively. Growth tools allow companies to escape the marketing rat race with assets."

Dru Riley


There are Side Project Marketing opportunities in every niche. As it’s not a competitive channel, I bet you’ll get a great ROI if you try it.



Are you a startup looking for new ideas for your growth or marketing? Hire a prolific no-coder or two,  allocate a  budget to ship 12 projects in 12 months to stir up the niche you want to operate in.
No-Code as a “growth lever” is still under-appreciated.


Prv. Director On Deck

"Side project marketing" is a powerful way for tech founders to drive traffic to their main app. Think: small free tools related to your main app.

Jon Youngfook

Founder, Bannerbear

Side project marketing is one of the most powerful ways to acquire customers.



Build Apps, Tools and Services

SEO expert Neil Patel on side product led growth as a business strategy for driving organic SEO traffic.
“The best form of growing traffic and marketing is to give away a tool for free.”
Neil Patel, SEO Expert

What's stopping you?

  • Distracting your developers and product team from your core product to create side products will negatively impact your startup.

  • You don't have the resources like Shopify, Buffer or Hubspot.

  • Finding the right skill set of builder and go to market is hard to find.

How can you start?

Let's leverage side product led growth for your startup today.
Pick one to start.


How to walk through
DIY style
Rich Examples
Case Studies

Online Course

How to walk through
Detailed case studies
DIY style with demos


Co-hort style
Small groups
Online workshop
Accelerator training
No-code dev training

Product Studio

Build it for you
Launch it for you
Fractional growth team
Launch every 30 days

Hey I'm Michael
Founder of Side Product Led Growth.
Help me choose which next resource you need!

Side product as a Service

Full end-to-end service done for you.
Ideate, build, and launch.

We Build

We can ideate, build, and launch side products for your startup. We build with visual development (no-code) which means we can ship fast and produce great ROI.

We Launch

We package the product, plan and run your side product's launch end-to-end. We train your team with the same execution we've used for dozens of launches and top Product Hunt of the Day.

We can be your
fractional growth team

It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for an entire growth team. Using your startups existing developers negatively impacts your core product. So how can you leverage this new growth channel like a much larger staffed business?

For a fraction of the cost we build fast with visual development and can drive 10x growth. Or we can work alongside your existing growth team. Providing an unfair advantage for your startup.

Hi, I'm Michael

Michael Novotny
Founder, Side Product Led Growth

Through my team at Product and Build Co, I've led startups to thrive with Side Product Led Growth.

We are a product studio that this year have worked with 7 startups launching more than 14 products with growth by more than 50,000 users and customers.

Not to mention, hundreds of thousands of page views, brand awareness, trust, and ongoing organic SEO growth.

Ideas are free. So is spending 30 minutes with me to brainstorm the best approach for your startup.

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For a startup, nothing beats the value of continuous launching. At worst it's great marketing. At best it's thousands of customers.

Brand Awareness
Website Visitors
User Sign Up
Paying Customers

Loved by fast-growing startups that we have helped.

See Our Work

We build, move-the-needle type products. We provide product expertise, world class design and development with proven go to market execution. app

A SaaS to-do app integrated and built on top of Notion's API. The world's first Notion To-Do app.


A complete social network platform for Founders sharing their build in public updates.

Community Tip Jar

A no-code Bubble and Zapier built application built to help community members.

See some of
our work.

Micro Products. Macro Impact.
(Featured on Product Hunt)

What Startups say we help with:

"Create a powerful lead gen engine that doesn't stop"
"I have a limitation of resources"
"I have a limitation of time"
"Establish a reliable customer acquisition channel"
"Create value in a much shorter time frame"
"I need a fractional growth marketer"
"Launching requires so much energy and time"

Let's create a flywheel of
growth for your startup

We've developed the Side Product Framework™. And we can apply it to any startup. Why not yours?


We have a specific process to uncover opportunities. By understanding what your users and customers need related to your core product.


Start with your ideas to execute or brainstorm from our Side Product Framework™ document. Let's find the perfect starting point.


We organize everything in Notion and create your own database of ideas to reference our path forward. We will systemize and turn your startup into a value-giving machine.


We use visual development and some code when necessary. This means we can build and iterate quickly. Like build and launch every 30 days if needed. Creating a flywheel of value and growth.


We create a custom go-to-market plan that may include a Product Hunt Launch. We provide you a custom 30+ Notion board so that our team can execute flawlessly with you. Choose how minimal your involvement will be.

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Grow your Startup
and your ROI

We pioneered a new growth channel and framework with Threado launching 8 side products in 8 months growing by 5x.

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How did we 5x Threado's signups in the first 5 months?

We shipped 8 side products in 8 months. See our work here.

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Undoubtedly @ThreadoHQ is THE SCRAPPIEST startup on my feed.

Talk about being resourceful and always adding value to users.

Blown away by the sheer shipping velocity and the portfolio of community tools they're creating.

S/o @MichaelJNovotny

Prv. Director On Deck

I was one of the early adopters of Superflow and I have to say that building websites that fast is a game-changer. We saved a lot of time using these components.

Bobby Helmut
Webflow expert

I was one of the early adopters of Superflow and I have to say that building websites that fast is a game-changer. We saved a lot of time using these components.

Kylian Thuram
Webflow expert

Get these reactions for your startup

Kavir, Community Manager
“Just signed up for Scott bot for The Product Folks no-code community. @michaeljnovotny and the Threado team are shipping very useful side projects 🔥”
- Comment on side product ScottBot
Gina Schlatter
Feb 28
"Really interesting, looking forward to trying this out!"
- Comment on side product Sernedipity Bot
Pawan Rochwani
June 27
"Absolutely love how you folks keep building something innovative for the communities around the world."
- Comment on side product ScottBot
Dipika Gohil
May 27
"I will surely use it for my sales conversion on Gumroad. Thank you for developing yet another great product."
- Comment on side product Gummie
Ryan Hoover
June 30
"Big fan of platforms to support makers (surprise!)."
- Comment on side product bipp'd
Tom Jacquesson
Nov 23
"Nicely done. Great approach to marketing while delivering value."
- Comment on side product CommunityOS
Joel Hansen
Nov 23
"This is incredibly high value. Thanks for building this"
- Comment on side product CommunityOS
Rahul Nair
Feb 28
"Innovative and useful application. Great features and congrats on your product launch."
- Comment on side product Serendipity Bot

Real Talk

Matt Gray

Founder and CEO,

"Michael is ahead of his time for the future of startup growth. He’s got a strategy and execution down to a science and I've personally seen how it has helped in rising above the noise and getting actual customers.

We have worked together on several projects and
Michael is like having a second brain for building and launching. It's so easy to work together, I don’t have to worry or manage anything. It allows me to focus on other things while we are on autopilot and build great thing after great thing. Working with Michael feels like I have an unfair advantage for growing my startup and personal business."


Founder and CEO,

"Today not many companies lack money to do marketing but time. Acquiring customers quickly and consistently is the challenge...

...the easiest way to market is "Build side-products using no-code." Hire someone like @MichaelJNovotny and launch mini-projects.

I didn't know about this hack until I came across his website, I reached out to him and started having conversations. One thing he is not is a freelancer. Then who is he?

Michael is someone whom I would call a collaborator. He listens to your vision and decides to work with you if he feels the connection.

Once we settle on the Idea, Michael wears the  Expert Cap and beautifully documents the project requirements, and it becomes more evident that he is the one to work with."

Let's start growing your startup now.

Ideas are free. So is spending 30 minutes with me to brainstorm the best approach for your startup.

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